The band sawmill Altai 900 prof 15 kW saws like clockwork!

17 Ноября 2020
There are such common myths about band saws as:

The productivity of the machine cannot exceed 10 cubic meters per shift
The quality of the lumber is poor
Let's try to dispel them now!

When using near-station equipment, such as a lumber feeder, the process of working on band saws is significantly accelerated, the forces of the frames are saved and productivity is increased.

from an illustrative example of a saw line with a capacity of 100 cubic meters of finished sawn timber per shift. The band sawmill Altai-900 prof with a powerful 15 kW motor fits perfectly into this line. The machine is used for sawing large diameter logs - from 45 to 90 centimetres.

In this case, the machine cuts 25 to 33 cubic meters of roundwood per shift. And this is a very good result!

As for the quality of the lumber obtained, it depends by 90% on the preparation of the band saws for work. If their sharpening and routing is performed by a professional who is familiar with the parameters of tool preparation for various types of wood, as well as depending on the temperature conditions, the machine will cut any species - like clockwork, while the geometry of the resulting lumber will remain very good.

Bandsaws of the Altai trademark are an excellent and economical solution for woodworking. Wherever the machine works, customers are very satisfied!

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