Equipments and sawing lines
The success of your business it’s our deal
Станки и  лесопильные линии

Turn-key sawing lines

When you are
ordering equipment
from us, you get:
advantages background
Fast payback
The average payback period for equipment is 1-3 months, then you get a net profit!
Quality assurance
All equipment undergoes strict control at all stages of production, it is certified and patented.
24/7 support
Free technical support 24/7 regardless of the expiration of the warranty period.
Scalable, complete solutions
Buying one machine? You can expand production by purchasing the necessary equipment. Mechanization for any machine and process. There is everything you need.
Always close
Spare parts and consumables are always there for you. There is a wide dealership in Russia and abroad.
Product Catalog
Промышленные бревнопилы с гусеничной и цепной подачей Белая Акула
Industrial chain saws with caterpillar and chain feed White Shark
4 products in the category
Промышленные многопильные станки для распиловки лафета и досок Белая Акула
Industrial multi-saw machines for sawing carriage and boards White Shark
4 products in the category
Пилорамы дисковые, горизонтального и углового пиления Алтай
Circular sawmills for horizontal and angular sawing Altai
4 products in the category
Пилорамы ленточные, горизонтального пиления Алтай
Sawmills tape, horizontal sawing Altai
6 products in the category
Торцовочные станки маятникового и проходного типа Алтай
Milling machines of the pendulum and passage type Altai
2 products in the category
Кромкообрезные станки Алтай бензин и электро
Trimming machines Altai gasoline and electro
2 products in the category
Линия для профилирования бруса Алтай и строгальные станки
Line for profiling timber Altai
5 products in the category
Линия для оцилиндровки бревна Алтай
Line for cylindering Altai logs
2 products in the category
Рамные многопильные станки Алтай
Frame saws Altai
1 product in the category
Станки для переработки горбыля, рубки веток и обрези, колки дров Алтай
Machines for processing slabs, chopping branches and trimmings, chopping firewood Altai
6 products in the category
Механизация и околостаночное оборудование
Mechanization and attachment
21 product in the category
Вспомогательное и заточное оборудование
Auxiliary and grinding equipment
6 products in the category
Оборудование для металлообработки
Metalworking equipment
1 product in the category

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